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If the thought of cleaning sends you running, our ebook, "The Easy Clean: Daily Steps to a Sparkling Home," is your new best friend.

Crafted for the cleaning-challenged, this guide is perfect for busy people, whether you’re juggling a career, managing a family, or both.

Forget about the overwhelming tasks and the endless cleaning cycles that never seem to fit into your day.

We've developed a practical, sustainable system to keep your home tidy with just 30 minutes a day.

From mindset shifts to mastering essential cleaning hacks, this guide covers everything you need to transform your daily routine without sacrificing your sanity.

Inside, you'll discover:

Brief, impactful chapters on changing your perspective towards cleaning.

A straightforward list
of essential cleaning tasks, complete with step-by-step instructions to perform them quickly and effectively.

A detailed cleaning calendar
that runs through December 2025 outlining daily tasks to ensure your home remains welcoming with minimal effort.

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Benefits of The Easy Clean system include:

A sense of accomplishment and pride as you effortlessly maintain your home.

Reduced stress and improved mood from living in a clean, organized environment. Enhanced physical health by minimizing dust and allergens.

More free time to enjoy what matters most, knowing your cleaning is under control.

Our approach isn’t just about keeping surfaces spotless—it’s about enhancing your well-being and taking control of your living space.

I'll tell you exactly what to do, and when to do it. It could not be any easier.

By dedicating just half an hour each day, you’ll see a transformation not just in your home, but in your overall quality of life.


I'm Mandy: a mom, wife, daughter, and new entrepreneur.

I hate cleaning, always have.

After having kids, I was amazed at how quickly the clutter and dirt pile up (honestly it still amazes me every day 😅).

I created this system out of necessity, for my own family. Two young kids, two cats, three adults, a recent move, homeschool and major career change - you can imagine how chaotic our home is!

It's been such a lifesaver for helping us manage our household without taking up too much time - so we can spend our limited free time doing things we actually enjoy.

I'm happy to share my secrets so you can experience the same peace of mind!