LuxeFold Linen Cube FAQ

LuxeFold Linen Cube FAQ

I’ve been getting some questions about our LuxeFold Linen Cube that I want to answer for you.


Question: What size(s) are the cubes?

Answer: We have one size right now, and when in use it’s 13 in x 13 in x 4 in. We have another size coming soon (any guesses on what exactly these will be for??) so keep an eye out for more info on those in the next few weeks.


Question: What if I don’t love it?

Answer: We have a 30-day return policy as long as the organizers are still in new condition. So rest assured that you can try them out, check if they fit in your space, and practice the unique folding process risk-free.


Question: How long does shipping take?

Answer: We ship these from our warehouse in Virginia – typically sending them out the next business day. You’ll probably receive your order within a week or soon after.


Question: So, do I need to fold my sheets or not?

Answer: That’s totally up to you. You can literally ball up your sheets and place them in this organizer if you’d like, assuming they fit. Keep in mind that the flatter you get the sheets, the more (or bigger size) you can fit. So with my deep pocket king-size set, I would not be able to ball them up and fit the entire set inside. I like to do a super rough fold – I’m talking 2 seconds, just to get them into a rectangle shape so everything fits nicely. I also have a video that walks you through it step-by-step.


Watch the video here: Demo Video Link

I hope this helps! As always, send an email or reach out on social media if you have any questions!

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